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With 2019 nearly at an end, we’re reflecting on the trends in the travel industry that have shaped the year, and ones we expect in the new decade. Here’s Gosh PR’s list of ten travel trends we’ve earmarked for 2020 and beyond.


The global travel industry will continue to grow

With a rise in global mobility, more people are opting to travel than ever before. According to Euromonitor the industry grew by 3.3% this year and shows no sign of slowing anytime soon. More and more users are opting to book digitally (52%) whilst a quarter of all bookings were completed on mobile.

Slow travel will continue to be popular

The increased awareness of eco-friendly tourism and a wish to escape the fast pace of modern life has led to an increased focus on slow travel. This has translated into longer breaks and a calmer sort of sightseeing whilst on holiday. As a direct result, train travel and cruises are beginning to make a comeback in popularity. Which brings us to…


Sustainability and eco-tourism are a higher priority than ever before

In 2019, the Greta Thunberg Effect took the world by storm, with consumers more aware than ever. According to the ABTA 2020 Trends Report, companies like easyJet and Ryanair have begun work on fully electric planes that will be able to make 300-mile journeys from 2030.


Wellness travel is evolving

People are expecting a more holistic view of wellness than just spas and smoothies. Guests looking for finely tuned itineraries, diet, activity and quality sleep all included in their holiday experience. Millennials believe that mental health is just as important as physical health and seek to switch off and escape from their busy lives.


Accessible travel is on the rise

According to Euromonitor, almost 1/5th of the world have an access need of some kind. Travel brands are getting better at meeting these needs however, with apps like Be My Eyes which pairs up sight-impaired travellers with a pool of thousands of volunteers. Expect to see much more innovation in this sector in the new year and decade.

Experience is still king, and real-world experiences wear the crown

As much as people want more technological integration, 76% of consumers said that they valued real-world experiences above all else. Travellers are still looking to drink in a destination without a filter or lens. According to Euromonitor, over 70% of those surveyed agreed that they rated engaging with different cultures as one of their reasons for travel.

There will be more digital integration

More than 60% of people surveyed want to see more digital integration, with tech integrated seamlessly with their travel. For example, some airlines are experimenting with having Netflix as in-flight entertainment, as consumers are used to having it at home. However…

A travel subscription model is starting to emerge

The model of apps such as Spotify, Netflix and Audible – known for their convenience – is making its way into the travel sphere. Denver based travel-subscription company Inspirato Pass charges guests a fee of $2,500 per month, and allows guests to enjoy unlimited, luxury trips every month through a variety of companies and brands. Services like BRB offer flexible packages to suit young-professionals on a lower budget.


People are increasingly seeking out solo travel experiences

This was one of the hottest tipped trends for 2019 and it looks like the numbers of solo travellers is only going to rise in 2020. According to YouGov, 57% percent of the Americans surveyed said that they are interested in solo travel in the future.

Get to know yourself better with Ancestry Travel

As home DNA testing kits become more and more popular, as is the rise of people wanting to explore their heritage through travel. Earlier this year, Airbnb partnered with Ancestry Site 23andMe to offer a ‘heritage travel service’ which matches customers with trips that fit their DNA test results.

And with that, Gosh PR wishes you an excellent travel-filled 2020!