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The hospitality and tourism industries are continuing to show innovation in their pursuit to embrace the new normal. Here are a few recent news stories which demonstrate their resilience and determination to steer a path forward.


An Amsterdam Restaurant has created small greenhouses for diners to enjoy meals while social distancing

Our social media team spotted this article and love the idea that a waterside restaurant in Amsterdam has created mini greenhouses to serve and seat diners, without breaking social distancing guidelines. Genius!

Hotels could be a blueprint for reopening hospitality

Our travel trade team are hopeful that hotels could be useful in trialling how social distancing will work from July, with the initiatives below:

  • Contactless check-in
  • Digital key
  • Temperature checks
  • Regular touch point cleaning
  • Electrostatic disinfectant sprayers
  • Footwear disinfectant areas
  • Housekeeping to wear PPE
  • Reduced occupancy
  • Allow a full day between each stay for deep cleaning
  • Suites with own kitchens and pools will become more popular
  • Hand sanitisers and face masks provided in rooms
  • One to one yoga and pilates classes
  • Bookable swim times
  • Beach booths
  • Bar reservations
  • Room-service only

Helsinki’s huge VR gig hints at the potential of virtual tourism

Finland’s biggest online event – a gig by rap duo JVG – was ‘attended’ by over half a million but Helsinki has even more ambitious plans to become the virtual capital of the world. Our PR team love this initiative!

‘Air bridge’ plan to avoid 14-day quarantine 

We might be able to travel abroad this summer after the Government announced plans to create ‘air bridges’ with other nations. This is wonderful news!

Belgium experiments with ‘corona bubbles’ to ease social restrictions

It’s been called the four-person puzzle. If you could only see the same four family members or friends for a few weeks of coronavirus lockdown, who would you choose?

And finally, if you’re missing hugging family and friends, here’s a novel solution:

Plasterer Antony Cauvin, 29, from Stratford-upon-Avon, created a shower curtain with arms as he missed giving his gran a cuddle after months spent apart. This is too cute!