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Charitable Travel
Social Media Management

In August of this year, as Charitable Travel's social media agency for paid campaigns, we were charged with devising a social media campaign for our newly launched client, Charitable Travel and Visit Malta.


The Brief

The brief was to highlight the breadth of Malta’s offerings as a destination that is at once beautiful and outdoorsy, cultural and historical, and metropolitan and modern, with a view to booking beyond the pandemic. As an experienced social media agency in the travel sector, we knew what to do…

The Solution

We amplified Malta’s cinematic hero videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with a reach objective and targeted towards winter sunseekers whose travel plans were disrupted (most people, in fact) and expressing a desire to travel. These had call-to-actions and embedded URLs within the posts directing them to Charitable Travel’s Malta landing pages, giving audiences the chance to learn more about the destination as well as information on how to book.

The second phase of the roll-out were shorter hub videos reinforcing the message and broadening the audience for future retargeting.

Later, we put out dark posts, so as not to overwhelm the feeds, for specific audience segments that Visit Malta was interest in reaching with dedicated creative for each post, these included – travellers looking for a romantic destination, and travellers looking to take advantage of Malta’s rich adventure offerings. The islands also cater for older visitors looking for a more laidback stay, and they also have an outstanding reputation for being LGBTQ+ friendly.

Lastly, using the accumulated data of people who engaged with all the above, we retargeted them with a final round of posts, giving us the opportunity to reach people who had in some way expressed an interest and maximised the opportunity for conversion into a booking.

The campaign ran for a month and in terms of a breakdown of the stats, it looked like this:

Number of social posts: 9

Number of social ads: 15

Reach: 2,671,548

Link clicks: 26,222


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