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Shakespeare’s Bermuda – The Tempest ‘such stuff as dreams are made on’

Written by Barry Johnston

Publised on 06/09/2016

The Bermuda Tourism Authority was partnering with the Shakespeare’s Globe for the Shakespeare 400 anniversary celebrations, screening a new short film of The Tempest staring The Night Manager’s Douglas Hodge at The Complete Walk event in London this April.

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The Tempest, Shakespeare’s final play, was inspired by the escapades of the Sea Venture’s crew, whose ship wrecked on the reefs around Bermuda in 1609, the survivors made Bermuda their home and went on to form the oldest British colony.

The 10 minute film of The Tempest was filmed on location in Bermuda this spring staring British actor Douglas Hodge as Prospero, who has just played Rex Mayhew in The Night Manager, and was shown during the huge free event in London’s South Bank in April 2016.

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